We know how to take care of your properties

We specialize in servicing HOAs run properties and working with property managers.  We understand the issues you face, the standards you demand and will work hard to maintaining your properties.  You can count on us to do it right,

We offer maintenance plans, free estimates for your projects and can also attend Board meetings to present our estimates, explain the process and to answer any questions or address concerns.

Not just any general liability insurance policy will cover HOA work.  You should always verify that a contractor is insured to work for HOAs.  We have the appropriate general liability and workers compensation insurance to be able to work in the common areas of your association.  We will provide you with all the insurance, license and other documentation you require. 

We also offer remediation and restoration services through our other company, JC Restoration & Remediation, Inc.  One call to us and everything is taken care of from start to finish.  We will find the leak, repair it, clean up the water, dry out the unit, repair the drywall, paint and even clean the carpets...anything you need.

We offer free financing for large projects and extended timeline for payment because we know that sometimes it takes more than a few weeks to process a payment.

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